Who we are“Feel like a guest at your event”

From concept to execution, Stage 360 works with your vision and makes it more impactful than you could have imagined. For over 5 years, Stage 360 has worked to design, plan, coordinate and produce events that transform the ordinary to the truly unforgettable for clients and their guests.

As your full service Stage 360, we are committed to stunning design and the ultimate attention to detail to ensure an event that truly reflects who you are.

our team

  Gagan Tallam

He works hard to make every corporate party of our customers a truly unforgettable experience.

         R. K. Rahul

He is responsible for coordination & discussing the details of event organisation. A great team player.

Surprise...!!! Our new corporate logo is here...!!!

Stage 360º is an event management company that manages and executes your event from concept to completion. We offer creative solutions, pay attention to detail, achieve objectives on time and within budget and deliver a quality event presentation.

We Stage 360 are your guide to what's hip, hot, fabulous and most happening!!! 1. Full set design/production/logistics 2. On-site Management 3. Entertainment, theming & decor ideas 4. Venue selection/budgeting 5. Media management a. Sponsorships b. Artiste management c. Marketing & Publicity.

The Stage 360

We define our vision for our customers by just five key points. Yes! It covers it all & they are as follows:

1. Creative solutions
2. Achieve objectives on time,within budget
3. Quality event presentation
4. Attention to detail
5. Personal Touch.

Our Vision

We are your one stop solution for access to popular entertainers/artistes/politicians/ glitterati.
We help market/advertise your product to the elite & A-List celebrities and can help make any event memorable with a glittering guest list.

Our access and networking with the creme de la creme of society is unparalleled.

Our Commitment